Clamav + Mailscanner: Denial of Service Attack in message

Rainer Blaes Rainer.Blaes at
Fri Oct 1 11:22:01 IST 2010

Dear all,
we are sending during the night some text based notifications to 
hundreds of users.
When we  enable virus scanning by Clamav 0.96 there are a lot of 
messages in the log
Virus Scanning: Denial of Service attack in message
 From the list we learnt that this could be (is) a server's  resource 
problem ie
setting Virus Scanner Timeout to 600 and/or using clamdscan instead of 
in the wrapper script should solve our problem. This we will check in 
the night.
Only to understand:
Why does Mailscanner has this DOS Attack Protection for OUTGOING mails
what's the reason for, for INCOMING mails it is obvious respectively is 
there a
config parameter to stop scanning OUTGOING mails?

Thanks for any hint!


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