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John Baker johnnyb at
Wed Nov 17 17:34:00 GMT 2010


I'm tweaking things to catch more scams and wanted to clarify some parts 
of rule actions that I'm not sure I understand.

 I have found that almost all of the scams that come through get scored 
by scamnailer but some don't get any other rule hits and thus don't get 
marked. For the ones that don't get caught by scamnailer or an RBL I'm 
working on a custom spamassin rule to catch key phrases in the subject 
and/or sender. For all of these instances what I want is to deliver the 
mail as an attachment and include a report stating that it looks like a 
scam and where to send questions. It would be nice to mangle the subject 
with something like "Scam?" as well. But it should still use spam and 
high scoring spam actions as well if it scores high enough.

It seems clear enough that I can use "attachment" for certain rules 
under "SpamAssassin Rule Actions" in addition to spam actions but it's 
not clear if it can include some kind of report along with it as it does 
with  Spam Action or High Scoring Spam Action. Can a rule action trigger 
a custom inline report or even the standard inline spam report? I don't 
use it for other spam actions so altering it there would suit my 
purposes fine.

And can header "name: value"  insert  a word into the subject rather 
than just write a new header?


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