Taint problem calling Archive::Zip?

Jeff Mills Jeff.Mills at sydneytech.com.au
Tue Nov 16 00:44:13 GMT 2010

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> Subject: Taint problem calling Archive::Zip?
> Since upgrading from Perl 5.8.8 to 5.12.2 on my gentoo box, I've had
> several instances of messages "attempting to kill" MailScanner, with
> .docx (or other similar zip-container format) files as attachments.
> Running in debug mode gives the following error:
> Insecure dependency in chmod while running with -T switch at
> /usr/lib64/perl5/vendor_perl/5.12.2/Archive/Zip/Member.pm line 490
> This is with MailScanner 4.81.4, Archive::Zip 1.30. I haven't yet tried
> with MS 4.82 beta or the developer release of Archive::Zip 1.31_01, but
> don't see anything in the changelogs that suggests they would help.
> Any ideas? (other than setting Maximum Archive Depth = 0, which does
> seem to be an effective if less-than-satisfactory workaround)
> John.

I have the same issue at one site. I ended up setting the archive depth to zero as a workaround, but I did stumble apon a patch to the perl module somewhere that I didn't have time to look at.


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