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Tue Nov 9 15:55:01 GMT 2010

I do it with Mailman.

You rename your *real* "AllUser" list to something like "AllUser-people".
Then create a moderated mailing list called "AllUser", which has 
"AllUser-people" as the only member.
All postings to "AllUser" have to be approved by the list moderator 
(probably you!), and Mailman carefully removes any mention of 
"AllUser-people" from the headers for you so no-one ever finds out what 
the list is actually called.

Then the list moderation system controls access to the list.

Very simple and effective, I do it here on all our big lists to stop 
internal spamming.

On 09/11/2010 15:26, Phil Udel wrote:
> I have been asked to Control Who can use a AllUser Aliases Group.  I 
> don't see anywhere in Sendmail where I can restrict such access to 
> only a few Key users within the corporation.
> Can I use Mailscanner some how?


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