Make links non-clickable and rename attachments?

Julian Field MailScanner at
Tue Nov 9 14:19:01 GMT 2010

I cannot easily help with item 1 on your list, but I have implemented 
item 2 for you.

There is a new type of rule in the filename.rules.conf and 
filetype.rules.conf files, where you can set the action to be "rename". 
To go with this, there is a new MailScanner.conf setting called "Rename 
Pattern" where you say how you want the detected attachments renamed. 
Here is the doc for the "Rename Pattern" setting:

# In the "Filename Rules" and "Filetype Rules" rule files, you can
# say that you want particular attachment names or types to be "disarmed"
# by being renamed. See the sample files for examples of this.
# The "rename" rules simply change the filename of the attachment
# according to the pattern in this setting, so that the user cannot
# simply double-click on the attachment, but must save it then rename it
# back to its original name; only then can they double-click on the file.
# This provides a simple safeguard so that users have to consciously
# think about what they are doing.
# The file will be renamed according to this setting, where the string
# "__FILENAME__" will be replaced with the attachment's original name.
# This can also be the filename of a ruleset.
Rename Pattern = __FILENAME__.disarmed

Hopefully will do what you want!

I will release a new beta in a minute, including this feature. It should 
be 4.82.1.


On 04/11/2010 14:29, Peter Bonivart wrote:
> We have lots of problems with users clicking on everything. If it's
> remotely interesting to them they click even on links or attachments
> that are executable. I know they should be educated but that's almost
> impossible it seems. Now I have gotten two requests:
> 1. Can we make links non-clickable? Outlook finds links even in plain
> text, it would mean more work to have to copy and paste into a web
> browser. I'm thinking one implementation would be to replace every dot
> with space-dot-space or similar.
> 2. Can we rename attachments? If attachments weren't executable but
> had to be saved to another name (from e.g. it would also
> mean more work for the user. I'm thinking one implementation would be
> to have files denied by filename/filetype rules be renamed with a
> suffix added. As an option of course.
> The extra work needed may give these users (mostly PHB types) the time
> they need to remember it's not a good thing to click on everything
> they didn't ask for in the first place.
> Any ideas how to proceed? Anyone already have something similar implemented?
> /peter


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