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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Tue Nov 9 01:25:39 GMT 2010

Quite true, Scott... Since the "downsize" @work about 1.5 years back, things
have been hectic, to say the least... I'm supposed to be a windoze guru now,
ss well as the other 3-4 jobs I'm supposed to do... Oh well, it sure beats
Other than that, thibgs are good. With the android update to the SE Xperia
X10, I even manage a bit of catching up on the mailing lists;-)

Den 9 nov 2010 02.00, "Scott Silva" <ssilva at> skrev:

What is seen can never be unseen!!! LOL

How are you doing Glenn?

> Oops, that wasn't supposed to go to the list... Danger of using a phone to
> send mail...:$ :-)�...
> <mailto:glenn.steen at>> skrev:

> Hi Jules,
> I'd like my account back, please... If nothing else, to be able to
> what ...
>> <mailto:MailScanner at>> skrev:

>> >
>> > Due to inappropriate content being placed on the wiki at
>> > � � <>
>> > I have ha...

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