Wifely-type problem

Alex Crow alex at nanogherkin.com
Fri Nov 5 16:34:38 GMT 2010

use this:
> rpm -e --force --nodeps Wifey
> ;-)
> P.

Some of your dependencies may stop functioning that way. I can think of 
at least one or two that are good to keep - a possible resolution is to 
install the "girlfriend" package - but do make sure you remove the 
wife-related packages first. If there are any child processes still 
running they may not cooperate well with the above replacement. However 
terminating such processes is not recommended as it will certainly cause 
vastly more trouble in the future, including, but not limited to the 
arrest, imprisonment and subsequent demise of the operator.

Tongue firmly in cheek as a husband and dad :-)

I do sympathise with the original poster, but to keep life simple I'd 
agree it's easier to transition to a webmail or cloud provider if you 
don't have the time and don't enjoy fiddling around a lot to keep things 
up to date. My wifey has always used Yahoo and she gets very little 
spam, gmail I hear is even better. Unfortunately as your mail has 
already been rcpt'd you can't use greylisting. You could still check SPF 
records although that gets more complicated when you are a second-hand 


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