Wifely-type problem

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Fri Nov 5 15:06:51 GMT 2010

All of this is concerning my home setup, not business, so....

My wife is constantly getting into a bind with her home email account. 
She's one of those types that subscribes to everything and gets tons of 
crappy email as a result. Her DSL server mailbox is so full now, that 
she can't download what's up there from the server. I'd like to do 
something like the following, so if anyone sees a problem with my plans 
or knows of a better way, please speak up.

I'd like to build a Centos server and put MS and Mailwatch on it. 
Probably put some type of webmail on there also. Then use fetchmail as a 
cron job to download her DSL email to the Centos server, let MS clean up 
the junk, let her monitor the email on the Centos server with webmail 
and MW and flush the rest of the junk, and then point her mail client to 
retrieve the email from the Centos box byway of POP to her home machine. 
All this would be on my home network.  Hopefully, it'll fall into some 
manageable order.

Does that sound reasonable?

Steve Campbell

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