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For ages MailScanner and spamassassin have been doing a fantastic job and we’ve had almost no spam at all. However, recently I’ve noticed a slow but steady increase in spam that seems to be slipping past with a very low score. I’m still using some of the old sare rulesets (rulesets listed below) as they seem to be catching spam although the number these days seems to be dropping off apart from the adult one which is still quite effective. Could these be interfering with the standard rulesets in the version of SA installed (3.2.5 and perl 5.8.8)? 


We also use spamhaus, spamcop,m barracuda and abuseat blacklists in the MTA. MS is 4.79.11, and I’ve the KAM rulesets and ScamNailer 2.09 and clamav with the sanesecurity addins. 

Are there any tricks I’m missing on this setup? 


Slap a sample up to pastebin and lets us know what you scored it as. We can then run though our own installations. Remember to include all the headers. 

Thanks, Phil 
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