Make links non-clickable and rename attachments?

Peter Bonivart bonivart at
Thu Nov 4 14:29:53 GMT 2010

We have lots of problems with users clicking on everything. If it's
remotely interesting to them they click even on links or attachments
that are executable. I know they should be educated but that's almost
impossible it seems. Now I have gotten two requests:

1. Can we make links non-clickable? Outlook finds links even in plain
text, it would mean more work to have to copy and paste into a web
browser. I'm thinking one implementation would be to replace every dot
with space-dot-space or similar.

2. Can we rename attachments? If attachments weren't executable but
had to be saved to another name (from e.g. it would also
mean more work for the user. I'm thinking one implementation would be
to have files denied by filename/filetype rules be renamed with a
suffix added. As an option of course.

The extra work needed may give these users (mostly PHB types) the time
they need to remember it's not a good thing to click on everything
they didn't ask for in the first place.

Any ideas how to proceed? Anyone already have something similar implemented?


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