Foreign filename checking

Greg Pearson deejay.grp at
Mon Nov 1 18:15:11 GMT 2010

On 1/11/2010 7:22 μμ, Kevin Miller wrote:
> Greg Pearson wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> some of my users are used to send attachments with foreign filenames
>> (Russian etc.). It seems that MailScanner cannot properly handle
>> those filenames when they are converted to UTF8 by the mail client.
>> So a filename with foreign characters would become something like:
>> "utf-8''%%CE%%95%%CF%%83%%CF%%89%%CF%%84%%CE%%B5%%CF%%81%%CE%%B9%%CE%%BA%%CF%%8C%%CF%%82%%20%%CE%%BA%%CE%%B1%%CE%%BD%%CE%%BF%%CE%%BD%%CE%%B9%%CF%%83%%CE%%BC%%CF%%8C%%CF%%82%%20lomi%%2001%%202008.doc"
>> And hence Mailscanner will complain that this filename is too long,
>> which is of course not the case. It is mentioned in the Changelog
>> that the latest version (4.81.4) has dealt with this:
>> "16 Improved handling of Unicode and foreign character sets used in
>> attachment filenames."
>> But the problem remains.
>> I wouldn't want to disable the filename length rule completely, so I
>> would appreciate some help on this.
>> Thanks
> Is it a discreet set of users sending these?  Or strictly internal users?  Perhaps a ruleset would do the trick if can identify a manageable set of senders...
> ...Kevin
Although I am not sure what you mean: I could as well disable the rule 
for everybody, or even add exceptions. But it seems to me this is not 
the proper approach. If Mailscanner is buggy when it comes to 
international support then shouldn't this be filed as a bug instead?

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