OT: POP and virtual users

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Tue Mar 30 13:22:57 IST 2010

I've got a question about how POP works (if at all) with sendmail 
virtual users.

Here's the situation:
I've got a user that has an account on one of our hosted domains. That 
user's account is "mail at thedomain.com". For now, it's on another server, 
but I'm getting ready to move it to a more current server. I'll create a 
virtual user in the virtusertable "mail at thedomain.com 
mailxxx at thedomain.com" so as not to interfere with anything related to 
"mail" on the server.

When I set up the account on the user's machine, I'm having problems 
seeing how I should set this up. They only use our server for incoming 
mail, and use another ISP for outgoing. So here's the snag. The account 
will remain mail at thedomain.com. Setting up their SMTP server is not a 
problem as it will stay the same. When I set up the POP server pointing 
to our server, when the MUA requests  retrieval of mail, will POP use 
the virtual table entry "mail at thedomain.com" to retrieve mail from the 
mailxxx mailbox? These accounts are UNIX users on the server, BTW.

If not, how is the best way to set up all of this? Up until now, I've 
not needed to worry about this problem, and the old server users 
linuxconf (really old, huh?) to handle this. I don't think the user 
really wants to change their email account name, and since they're 
paying for it, I kinda have to oblige.

Thanks for any enlightenment.

Steve Campbell

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