Outlook oddities #2

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Thu Mar 18 12:45:20 GMT 2010

Thanks Glenn,

Glenn Steen wrote:
> On 17 March 2010 20:45, Kevin Miller <Kevin_Miller at ci.juneau.ak.us> wrote:
>> Steve Campbell wrote:
>>> The warning in MW indicates "no watermark or sender address" so I
>>> think I can do a hex dump on the quarantined file and see what's
>>> causing the corruption.
>>> I'm still a little confused about having the address whitelisted from
>>> which these users are sending, and why SA complains since it isn't
>>> supposed to be checking these because of that.
>> I never noticed it before, but all the whitelisted entries have SA scores associated with them.  Apparently SA runs regardless, but just passes them if whitelisted...

I'm not sure this is true in this case. The IP is whitelisted, but the 
SA stuff is short-circuited by the From: and watermark problems. No SA 
score is shown on these RR thingys.

>> ...Kevin
> If you have the "Always include SA score" setting (probably named
> slightly different... Bad memory day:-), MS will have to run SA for
> everything, whether it is used as a "sorting criterion" or not.
I do have that set, but apparantly, the watermark section takes 
precedence over the SA section.
> That Steve has problems with the watermark feature (which is an MS
> feature) marking some return receipts as spam ... kind of suggest the
> sollution itself, doesn't it? Juts put a similar ruleset on that as
> you have for the spam whitelist ... and presto, problem solved;-).
I had already considered this as a "workaround" but was hoping to find a 
solution to the real problem (Outlook). Of course I'm still wondering 
what is going on that makes a RR differ from normal mail sent and why 
something is missing or corrupt to make MS/SA think there is a problem 
in the first place.

Based on what I see, the From is corrupt or something and the watermark 
isn't there. I might be looking at the files at the wrong time (in the 
timeline of the email). But shouldn't these RRs go through the same 
process as a normally sent email?
> The settings to look at/put a ruleset on are (one of, depending on the
> effect you want):
> Check Watermarks With No Sender (to simply check/not check watermarks
> for the whitelisted IP addresses)
> Treat Invalid Watermarks With No Sender as Spam (to choose a different
> action... "nothing" seems appropriate for the whitelisted ones:-)
> But don't use "Use Watermarking" for the whitelist, since that would
> effectively turn the feature off for relayed mail;-).
> Cheers

I'm going to try and see what the above will accomplish. Again, thanks 
for the help.


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