Office Documents - No Programs allowed

Jeff Mills jeff.mills at
Wed Mar 17 22:14:02 GMT 2010

I know this has been discussed, but I can't find a definitive answer in
the archives.

I have an issue with word documents being picked up as programs by

MailMaster: No programs allowed (ELF) (MullumbimbyISBOSInstall.doc)

# file MullumbimbyISBOSInstall.doc
MullumbimbyISBOSInstall.doc: CDF V2 Document, Little Endian, Os:
Windows, Version 5.1, Code page: 1252, Title: Self Service, Author:
User, Template:, Last Saved By: f309604, Revision Number: 7,
Name of Creating Application: Microsoft Office Word, Total Editing Time:
33:00, Last Printed: Sun Dec 20 06:52:00 2009, Create Time/Date: Wed Mar
10 04:15:00 2010, Last Saved Time/Date: Thu Mar 11 01:28:00 2010, Number
of Pages: 1, Number of Words: 449, Number of Characters: 2561, Security:

# file -i MullumbimbyISBOSInstall.doc
MullumbimbyISBOSInstall.doc: application/msword; charset=binary

Is it the charset=binary that is causing this issue?
If so, what, if anything, can be done to sort it?


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