Blocking Countries using an RBL.

Jameel Akari jakari at
Tue Mar 16 02:20:37 GMT 2010

Alex Neuman wrote:
> That, unfortunately wouldn't cover ".com" domains hosted in a specific country.
> Search for IP by country RBL's, or create a custom function using Geo::IP, for example.
The Trend Micro ERS (formerly RBL+) list has netblocks by (purported) 
country of origin; it's been fairly effective for me at work.  You can 
select various IPs by country, or entire countries, and then whitelist 
senders as needed.  I use it in Sendmail with a custom 550 message 
directing legit senders to a web form where they can plead their case. ;)

I suspect it could be plugged into SA rules and scored upon as well.

It is, however a for-pay feed.  I can't recall the pricing offhand.

Jameel Akari

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>> Anyone know of an RBL that will block countries known for SPAM and can
>> be easily integrated into Spamassassin or MailScanner?
>> Dave

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