Blocking Countries using an RBL.

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By the character set? Unfortunately that would create another problem: telling English messages encoded in other character sets, and chinese engrish spam that's been hitting some people lately which reads like "hello acquaintance, I found this interesting location on the intarwebs that sells (insert popular electronic device)". 
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>  What about foreign spammers using US servers, or US
>  customers who host
>  their email elsewhere for economic or legal reasons?

1:  The RBL wouldn't block them
2:  The RBL would block them

I am not actually looking to do a carpet blocking, mostly just non-english stuff.  

I actually have an RWL (Which I update with IP Addresses of servers that are on blacklists as we need to) so the few companies we encounter like that would be easy to resolve.

Is there a good method to block non-english messages?

Christopher Fisk

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