10 years of MailScanner

Michael Mansour micoots at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 13 05:08:25 GMT 2010

Hi Jules,

Congrats on 10 years. You know I don't even remember when I first started using MailScanner, maybe a scan of the list archives will tell me the first time I asked a question? but it's been many many years.

I've been around since before spam existed, when it was a good thing to have an Open Relay to help deliver peoples emails (we helped like this in the old BBS days). But when spam got too much, when it went crazy the first time I got over 100 spam emails a day in my inbox, I needed to look for a solution.

I originally started using it just to filter email for my domain, then as things started to grow (business-wise) I extended it's use for many other domains.

I now use it to supply email filtering services for many business customers, maybe hundreds, I don't bother counting them, either hosting their email locally or filtering and relaying. It's been rock solid for many years, an "Open Source business grade solution".

When taking on a new client, they typically have a commercial product they've bought yet still get inundated with garbage coming into their business networks. We typically review the commercial product they're using before migration, I won't mention any names but it never ceases to amaze me how "bad" some of these commercial products are, yet looking at their websites they tout themselves as the best spam fighting tools on the market.

Glossy brochures don't replace good tools.

I don't see myself moving from it ever, as long as spam exists it'll have a place in a providers spam fighting arsenal.

If only MailScanner could work for fax, SMS and mobile phone spam :) that's starting to take root these days and telecoms providers don't care about it. Users still pay, why should they.

Maybe that's a good sound bite?

MailScanner... for providers that care about their users.

MailScanner... where the glossy brochure matches the quality tool

Good work mate and thanks for the continued effort in developing the product further. There's not too many people that realise the time of time investment required to continue such a project for 10 years. No one can say to you you're lazy ;)


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> > MailScanner is just about to reach its 10th
> anniversary.
> > 
> > Yes, believe it or not, I took on this crazy idea 10
> years ago! How time
> > flies.
> > 
> > We are planning a big news release and celebration
> here at work to
> > commemorate this.
> > 
> > What I need from you guys are some comments and "sound
> bites" saying
> > what you think of MailScanner, what  you like
> about it, why you use it.
> > I'm looking for a real variety of comments from all
> over the world, East
> > and West, big sites and small, so if you've got
> something to say then I
> > want to hear it!
> > 
> > So get commenting folks!
> > 
> > Many thanks,
> > 
> > Jules
> > 
> Happy Anniversary! Here are some sound bytes!!!
> MailScanner... The best thing since sliced bread!!
> MailScanner... Just like deodorant, you wish EVERYONE was
> using it!
> MailScanner... Keeping sysadmins hair intact for a decade!
> MailScanner... If only my car was this reliable!
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