Stopping storage from "SpamAssassin Rule Actions"

Scott Silva ssilva at
Fri Mar 12 00:49:51 GMT 2010

on 3-11-2010 12:58 PM Michael Mansour spake the following:
> Hi,
> I have this rule in place:
> SpamAssassin Rule Actions = SpamScore>18=>delete,not-deliver,forward highspam at
> but I still have those messages with SpamScore > 18 stored in MailWatch.
> What can I do via the "SpamAssassin Rule Actions" setting to make sure those messages are not stored. I've tried "not-store" and "delete" but they're still being stored.
> Thanks.
> Michael.
But not-store is the proper word looking at mine.
I have;
SpamAssassin Rule Actions = SpamScore>25=>not-store
for messages with high scores to keep my quarantine smaller.

They still log in mailwatch, but the release tab is gone since the message is
not there

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