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I apologize for this OT but i'm a little lost and any comment would be really appreciated. 

I need to design an email solution for 50.000 users with an 80Mb quota (doing basic math i've to start with 4Tb storage). 

After doing heavy internet research i saw a few options for this scene. 

- Use zimbra in its Open Source Edition (or a similar product) 

- Use postfix/virtualusers/mysql/courier/webmail with NFS to share maildir among N servers i found several "isp config" style how to's/docs 

the problem i see is in scaling, with this solutions i will always have 1 NFS (with backup but only 1 for all the users), is there any open source solution that allow me to "partitionate" users from the same domain through independent servers? 

Or any other idea? 

A multi-mailstore will work fine with Zimbra FOSS version; and MailScanner will quite happily sit in-front of it and perform LDAP lookups. If you need a hand give me a shout :) 

Thanks, Phil (Zimbra Community Moderator) 
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