Whitelisting a partner

Michael Masse mrm at medicine.wisc.edu
Thu Mar 4 17:17:29 GMT 2010

Is there any way MailScanner can detect if an incoming email is being forwarded or not?
We currently have to whitelist a specific partner's email system and that's perfectly fine.   Email originating from their server gets checked for viruses and filetype violations, but not spam which is exactly what we want.   The problem we are experiencing is that some of that partner's users have come on board with us and are now using our email system for their account.   They have the other system automatically forwarding email from their old account to the new.    Their old spam detection is less than par and doesn't catch much, so any email sent to their old account gets forwarded to their new account on our system.   Since we whitelist their system, any email coming from their server gets whitelisted including email that's being forwarded which could be coming from anywhere and or anyone.     My preference is to tell them to stop forwarding mail and set up a bounce reply with their current email address, but is there any way I can have MailScanner detect if the other system is actually originating the email or if it's forwarding, and if it's forwarding stop the whitelist?
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