MailScanner gateway integration with PGP Univesal Server

Phil Hale phaleintx at
Mon Mar 1 22:28:10 GMT 2010

Hello fellow MailScanner folks,

I've been tasked with researching a method to make our MailScanner SMTP
gateways work with a set of PGP Universal Servers in "out of stream"
mode.  Basically this would entail the MailScanner servers finding some
header flag in the outbound/inbound mail messages and ,based on that
header, passing them on to the PGP Universal servers for
encryption/decryption.  I was wondering if anyone has set up a similar
configuration.  I'm running a pair of MailScanner 4.79.11-1 servers on
top of CentOS 4.8 in round-robin mode.

Any assistance or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Phil Hale
Systems Programmer II - Linux Systems Administrator
Information Technology Services - Systems Group
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

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