OT: SA rule to catch multiple subject lines

Steven Andrews sandrews at andrewscompanies.com
Tue Jun 29 14:32:03 IST 2010

I'm probably doing this the hard way.  I have a client that likes to block by subject lines.  So far, I've been writing a new rule for each subject line they want to block or putting a "|" in the match for multiple subjects.  I found out that there's a limit to how many times you can use that before the rule doesn't fire anymore...probably on the length of the line.

I'd like to find a better way to write the rule, something along the lines:

Header                 junksubject        Subject =~ /junk subject 1/i
Header                 junksubject        Subject =~ /junk subject 2/i
Score                     junksubject        20.0
Describe              junksubject        blocked subject lines

Although writing the rule this way doesn't seem to work...it catches nothing.

Should I be making this more like a meta rule or is there a smarter way to do it?

Thanks for any direction you can provide.

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