How do I beat this spam?

John Wilcock john at
Fri Jun 25 16:46:51 IST 2010

Le 25/06/2010 16:50, Zaeem Arshad a écrit :
> I got a similar result as these guys. In addition to that, you can
> block the specific character set in your MTA before it's even passed
> to MailScanner. I do something like this in postfix header_checks to
> get rid of unwanted character sets.
> /^Subject:.*=\?(big5|euc-kr|gb2312|ks_c_5601-1987)\?/   REJECT Not
> these charactersets

Even if you don't have any Chinese or Korean correspondents, you may 
well get false positives on this sort of rejection, for example on 
international mailing lists - like this one :-)


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