Stituation in users receiving mail

Luis Silva luis.silva at
Wed Jun 23 12:59:41 IST 2010



Some of my users are receiving some of the mail not "decoded".  The message
is received with all the smtp commands that are used in DATA section, like

Return-Path: <XXXX> 
X-Original-To: XXX at XXXX 
Delivered-To: XXX at XXXX



This is occasional and if the message is resend again by the source, is
received ok.

Can this be a mailscanner issue?

Because of adding,

X-dreamware-MailScanner-Information: Please contact the ISP for more
X-dreamware-MailScanner-ID: 36C2DB0449.A843D 


in the message. Can this break the smtp formatting?

Is there a way to debug this or see something in the logs?



Luis Silva  




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