How to send Mail to another server

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To pass off  specific_user at, when the server already 
delivers locally will require a sub domain or alternate hidden domain to 
move the mail onto for that specific user.

For example, if sendmail has in its local-host-names 
then all mail for that domain is considered local.

The only way to redirect a mail for a specific user is to either have a 
separate address for that user which is hosted by the other server and 
referenced either by MX or mailertable, or to deliver directly to the 
fully qualified domain name of the other server as follows:

since the server already handles everything at, if you are 
using a virtusertable you can add a line like this:

specific_user at            
specific_user at

if you are not using a virtusertable you can add it to /etc/aliases

specific_user:            specific_user at

and run newaliases after the change.

you can check delivery with:

sendmail -bv specific_user

Don't forget to make sure the the other server is configured to accept 
mail delivered to its fully qualified hostname,



On 18/06/2010 20:09, Alex Neuman wrote:
> Mailertable if using sendmail.
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> Subject: How to send Mail to another server
> Hi,
> apologies if I missed the obvious but is there a way in sendmail and
> mailscanner (running on Centos) to locally deliver mail by default but
> deliver to another mail server for certain addresses. Any suggestions
> appreciated.
> ie.  everything at  is delivered to local accounts on the
> server but
>         specific_user at is passed off to another server.
> many thanks
> Rob

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