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Julian Field MailScanner at
Thu Jun 17 09:08:45 IST 2010

I would be very interested in the code, yes please!

I am probably going to stick with Ubuntu for the VM distribution, but I 
do have people right here who need to be able to run it on 

You can address me off-list at Jules at

Many thanks,

On 17/06/2010 07:23, Alessandro Bianchi wrote:
> Hi everyone
> I liked the idea of dropoff but my environment is different.
> I use Fedora Linux, hence PHP lacks support for SQLITE, and work in a 
> multiple node cluster enrionment.
> So I spent the last two days adding MySQL support for DropOff.
> Till now I can authenticate users against a database, and store all 
> the pieces of information in a MySQL database.
> Sending and receiving dropoff works, and I still miss the admin part 
> (work in progress).
> My Dropoff also works whitl SQLITE without code change, I've added a 
> preference to use MySQL o SQLITE DB backend so no code changes are 
> required.
> The only change required is in insertind database access credentials 
> for Dropoff and for the authentication database (for me are two 
> different DBs).
> If Jules or anybody else is interested in having this code or merging 
> it with the current branch of DropOff, I'll be pleased to contribute 
> to the project donating my code.
> Best regards
> Alessandro Bianchi
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