How to edit filetypes rules file with these specific filetypes

Peter Ong at
Tue Jun 15 15:39:09 IST 2010

Hello Everyone,

Another filetype question. But first, thanks to everyone for helping me with my previous ignorances. :-)

Let me show you where I am confused:

[root at gateway005.inf BF43C572C4.AE33A]# ls
message  msg-19254-23.txt

[root at gateway005.inf BF43C572C4.AE33A]# file message
message: RFC 822 mail text

[root at gateway005.inf BF43C572C4.AE33A]# file -i msg-19254-23.txt
msg-19254-23.txt: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1

Here is an excerpt of our current filetypes rules file:
allow   text    text    -       -
allow   text    text/x-mail     -       -
allow   data    text/x-mail     -       -
allow   text    text/plain      -       -
allow   data    text/plain      -       -
allow   text    message/rfc822  -       -
allow   text            -                       -

How do I enter this in the filetype rules file?

Do I enter it this way:
allow<tab>RFC 822 mail text<tab>text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1<tab>-<tab>-

Thank you.


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