MailScanner ANNOUNCE: Dropoff

Supun Rathnayake supunr at
Sun Jun 13 05:11:54 IST 2010

Hi jules,

Thank you very much for the interesting tool, very much essential for 
the obvious reasons that you have explained.

This is just an idea, how about integrating this tool with MailScanner 
for quarantine management.


On 06/12/2010 08:41 PM, Jules Field wrote:
> The Scenario:
> You have installed MailScanner at your site to protect all your users 
> and clients from all sorts of dangerous email content.
> Okay so far.
> But your users need to be able to send large files, executables, and 
> all sorts of other things that they used to try to send by email. Some 
> of these are restricted by MailScanner, others (such as large files) 
> are restricted by your email system's capacity.
> And your users also need to be able to receive files from other sites 
> around the world, without having any username/password access to your 
> systems.
> And it needs to be secure.
> So your users need to be able to send and receive all sort of files 
> and email is not the right tool for the job.
> Say "Hello!" to Dropoff.
> This is a simple web-based system where your users can send and 
> receive files to and from anyone in the world, and yet it can't be 
> used for public warez or porn sharing.
> Anyone in the world can send files to you (but not to the rest of the 
> world), and your users can send files to anyone in the world. All 
> uploaded files are scanned for viruses, so it's safe. Authentication 
> of your users can be done via Active Directory, LDAP, IMAP or a static 
> file. It's small, light-weight, simple and safe. It's all written in 
> PHP so you can read the source and add or change features as you desire.
> Take a look at
> where you can read about it and download it.
> It's entirely free and open source, of course.
> Note: I did not write all of this. Dropoff is my fork of the "Dropbox" 
> package originally written at the University of Delaware. I have added 
> new features and fixed some bugs. I intend to continue developing it 
> as needed.
> Let me know what you think!
> Jules

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