Peter Farrow peter at farrows.org
Thu Jun 10 12:19:48 IST 2010

On 10/06/2010 11:28, Alex Broens wrote:
> On 2010-06-10 12:00, Peter Farrow wrote:
>> I have no problems with Sorbs, used it for many years processing 
>> millions of emails a month.
>> The rule to the sender is, if you're listed on SORBS or any other 
>> blacklist its very real and its for a reason.
>> I have had no problems telling blacklisted senders how to unlist 
>> themselves, its pretty simple and fairly
>> black and white, if you want to email my clients: SORBS is one the 
>> blacklists you must not be on.
>> If they are on it, it becomes a revenue opportunity to help them get 
>> off of it.  Usually its one of the following:
>> 1)They have sent spam and been caught red handed either because they 
>> have a weak server config or they actually send spam
>> 2)They are on a dynamic IP which was used for spam before, which is 
>> the fault of the ISP for letting it happen
>> 3)Their servers ISP they relay through is blacklisted, because it 
>> sent lots of spam and the ISP did nothing about it.
>> There are no excuses here, and SORBS is a good blacklist,  if you 
>> have trouble with SORBS it generally means your
>> clients senders are on crappy ISPs that need to sort themselves out 
>> or start taking spam seriously
> how many users do you cater for? only regional mail?
10,000++ of users, ranging from UK, to USA, Canada and Austrailia, 
several big clients in Oz, I also do email for Daimler Chrysler 
corporation, no problems with SORBs at all.
I use at MTA level, and its blowout if you're listed...


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