Sharing my mailscanner setup

Naz Snidanko nsnidanko at
Fri Jun 4 18:45:46 IST 2010

Hi Gents,


I want to share my MailScanner setup and hope this will be useful to

Server runs postfix with mailscanner in gateway mode, which forwards all
email to our exchange servers (3 in total).

We don't use mailwatch, since there is no need for it. The only thing we
really care about is "stripped" attachments.

To make it simple, I moved quarantine folder to /var/www/quarantine
(configured on apache as root directory) and installed QuiXplorer
(simple php based file manager) in /var/www to browse quarantine folders
and pull out attachments without any effort.


To implement simple security we use .htacess files on /var/www to have
basic authentication.


Feel free to email me questions about running mailscanner in gateway
mode for Ms. Exchange.


Hope it will be useful,

Naz Snidanko

Desktop & Network Support

Harper Power Products Inc.

(p) 416 201- 7506

nsnidanko at

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