Scam Nailer failures

Chris Barber chris at
Thu Jul 29 21:36:18 IST 2010

> On 29/07/2010 20:33, John Baker wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I realized today that I'd never updated from the old Spear Phishing
>> Scamnailer so I downloaded and ran it. It seems to be ok except for a
>> bunch of failures like this: "Failed to retrieve
>> at ./ScamNailer-2.09
>> 276." Basically emails.2010-304.26 - emails.2010-304.48 failed while
>> the first 25 worked ok. Is something wrong on on
>> or am I missing something?
>> Thanks,
>> John
>Can you try again?

I am having the same issues with the Spear.Phishing.Rules file. 
Errors saying:
Failed to retrieve at
/ninjacustom/scripts/Spear.Phishing.Rules.v2.03 line 323.

John: What do you mean by upgrading to Scamnailer? Should I not be using
the Spear.Phishing.Rules file anymore?


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