OT: Moving URIBL from SA to MTA

Alex Broens ms-list at alexb.ch
Thu Jul 15 18:01:16 IST 2010

On 2010-07-15 18:34, Steve Freegard wrote:
> On 15/07/10 17:21, Steve Campbell wrote:
>> I could have sworn this was discussed before, but couldn't find it so:
>> I'm considering moving URIBL to my MTA instead of scoring it in SA. A
>> quick scan of the emails that are hitting the rule indicates all most
>> all of them are true spam. I might be willing to accept a false positive
>> once in a while (maybe?). I don't block email with SA RBLs other than to
>> score them.
>> Can anyone throw some light on their experiences with this?
> Sure - all of FSL customers do this.  We've had the occasional FP; but 
> doing it at the SMTP level ensures that any issues are mitigated (e.g. 
> the sender gets a bounce).
>> What do I need to add to my sendmail.mc file to enable this if I DO move
>> it to my MTA?
> You'll need a milter such as milter-link to do this in Sendmail.

If you want to be on the safer side, I'd recommend using milter-link 
with Spamhaus' DBL and multi.surbl.og/64  which is JP only -  the safest 
of the various SURBL zones.

An often forgotten/unmentioned option is getting an invaluement.com 
datafeed and run a local rbldnsd.


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