Deny File MIME Types not working

Terence Chan at
Sun Jul 4 12:18:37 IST 2010


I need to selectively allow certain people to send image files, and I have
ran into problems.

I have the following configuration.

Deny File MIME Types = %rules-dir%/deny.filemimetypes.rules

in the %rules-dir%/deny.filemimetypes.rules file

From: terence at image/png

When I try to send a email attached a png file - the mail can still pass
thru. I tested the file using file -i command, the mime type is "image/png"

I traced the code and found out that the coding for "file -i" has not been
used. ($MailScanner::Config::UsingFileICommand = 0), so it has never tried
to look at the MIME type.

if I hack the and force $MailScanner::Config::UsingFileICommand =
1, it all works.

Is this a bug or if it is some misconfiguration on my part?

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