Replace Attachment's based on total size

Markus Nilsson markus at
Sun Jan 31 18:55:39 GMT 2010


I would like to create a rule in MailScanner that quarantines all 
attachments if the total size of all attachments are bigger than 5MB, 
and replace all attachments with a single file. I guess this means I 
have to write a CustomFunction for

Maximum Attachment Size =

that returns different sizes depending on the mail that is processed. In 
pseudo-code something like:

sub Myfunc {
    my($message) = @_;
    my $sum = 0;
    foreach my $attachment (message->{attachments})
       $sum += $attachment->size;

    if ($sum > 5000000)
       return 1;
       return 5000000;

To get the attachment quarantined I need to set

Quarantine Infections = yes

I don't know how to achieve the last thing, to get all the attachments 
replaced by a single text-attachment. Can I write a customfunction for 
Stored Size Message Report to acheive this and in that case how?

Stored Size Message Report        = %report-dir%/stored.size.message.txt

Any recommendations on how to implement the above, are highly 
appreciated! (both about the last thing about the text report, and about 
how to implement Maximum Attachment Size)

Thank you

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