MailScanner + SA with MySQL userprefs

Jonathan Respeto jrespeto at
Fri Jan 29 13:31:30 GMT 2010


Trying to setup MailScanner to use SpamAssassin with a MySQL DB for
the userprefs.

This is to use Squirrelmail with SpamAssassin+SQL Plugin

I am able to do it with out MailScanner but then I lose Virus Scanning.
The SA docs says "spamd can use SQL user_prefs by calling it with the
-q or -Q flags."

How does MailScanner call SA? Is there a way I can add the -q option
when SA is run? If there is where? Where does MailScanner gets SA
configs from?

My setup is on CentOS 5.4 with just the basics.
Apache, sendmail, MySQL, MailScanner, SpamAssassin, Squirrelmail with
SpamAssassin+SQL Plugin.


Many thanks in advance.


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