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2010/1/26 Michael Masse <mrm at>:
> Whoever wrote below that postfix is the default on Centos is wrong.  I've installed plenty of CentOS/RHEL 3, 4 & 5 systems and the default has always been Sendmail.    Not that it isn't trivial to switch to Postfix, but don't be surprised if copying over your current Postfix config doesn't work until you tell CentOS to actually use Postfix.
> -Mike
As Mike alludes to, apart from actually installing postfix ("yum
install postfix"? Not really my distro of choice, CentOS, so I
might've garbled that:-), it should be a matter of running
"system-switch-mail" and choosing PF... really simple, indeed. As
always it is prudent to check that any pathes or default settings
won't trip up the "config move".$$$$$$$

>>>> On 1/26/2010 at 12:41 PM, in message
> <AF3B610E0140EA4C9D8C9D50ECF75D9201BF0D02658F at galvatron>, Gavin Silver
> <GSilver at> wrote:
>> Thanks everyone
>> After reading all the replies ive decided to go with centos 5.4 and postfix
>> as I am already comfortable with using postfix as a gateway and I can pretty
>> much copy over all my trans/relay and config files.
>>> I was just about to ask "why sendmail, are you switching from qmail"?
>>> ;-)
>>> postfix is default on CentOS and I would leave it this way.
>>> Install all the necessary perl libraries and clamav from rpmforge, then
>>> build your own SA rpm (just follow the instructions on the SA download
>>> page), then install only the mailscanner*.rpm from the MailScanner
>>> tarball. There's also a repo, but I don't know if it's up-to-date.
>>> Kai
>> There is also the MailScanner Gold yum repository, which I believe caters
>> for CentOS. Although it is a paid service it will help you get up and running
>> quickly. There is also the MailScanner beta repository that is free I think?
>> Jason

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