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Your posting to list triggered URIBL_BLACK for the URL when we processed it, and
the only reason I received your post is because I have the MailScanner list


Do you use URIBL in your spamassassin installation? If so, you might want to
increase the scoring of the associated rules. Have you inspected the headers to
find out which rules these emails are hitting? It would be worth letting the
list know how your install scored the message, along with your spam trigger
level, and also which (if any) RBL's you are using.





PS - I removed the URL from my reply so it doesn't hit the URIBL rules for


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Conversation: Not detecting this message
Subject: Not detecting this message


Hi everyone

Today I started to get hundereds of messages in the following form

My name is Nicole.
this is about you? <removed>

Goodbye :-)

And it has the subject  Please

I also received similar messages with Subjects : Question, Answer me, Please
answer me 

How can I stop such messages, all passed as clean except the ones that came from
Black Listed sites, which were tagged and stopped based, SPAM ASSASSIN didnt
catch any of them

Help Please


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