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Steve Campbell campbell at
Mon Jan 25 21:00:41 GMT 2010

Gavin Silver wrote:
> In an attempt to stay up to date with the latest mailscanner releases 
> I will be migrating to a brand new install on centos. My current setup 
> and experience is with ubuntu lts 8.04 and postfix as a gateway. I 
> have little experience with centos and sendmail so I was wondering if 
> someone could point me in the right direction to find some resources 
> concerning a centos/sendmail/gateway setup. The subject seemed to 
> overpower my google-fu.
> Thanks in advance.
> -Gavin

Centos out of the box will get you a working sendmail system for a 
self-contained server. You'll need to set up the different files under 
/etc/mail to expand the system to hand either your personal or corporate 
demands. One of the easy ways to help yourself do this is to install 
webmin and just browse all the differenct categories under the Sendmail 
server section. A lot of it's documented in the different webmin 
sections as you progress. Webmin is a pretty good learning tool.

MS can be a nice rpm install, as is webmin. Use rpmforge to get ClamAV 
rpms. I'm not sure Ubuntu is rpm-based, so I may be really oversimplifying.

This is a very simplified view of whats needed, but it'll get you quite 
far along the way on your own. Hopefully, if this isn't a production box 
install, you can play a little with it and tune it to be a pretty 
efficient server. Sendmail is a big dark mystery until you use it a 
while, and then it's not so bad after you get it to do what you wanted. 
Pay attention to the contents of the file as it's loaded 
with helpful comments also.

I'm sure a lot of folks here are far more experienced than I with Centos 
and Sendmail, but if I can do it, most anyone can. You'll get plenty of 
help if you show you're trying a little on your own.

steve campbell

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