MailScanner & SA results

Dudi Goldenberg dudi at
Sat Jan 16 17:05:57 GMT 2010

Hello Kai,

>The mail server adds required headers, thus the rules firing on the 
>missing required headers cannot fire in MS anymore. The milter runs
>MTA acceptance, MS runs after MTA acceptance and processing.
>The only thing that isn't explained by that are the missing clamav 
>results. That's obviously because you are using it with different 
>configurations. You should also be aware that MS can probably make much

>better use of clamav directly.


My goal is to reject as much as possible at the gate, so far, SA +
ClamAV plugin is proving very effective.

Without digging into MS code, I assume it calls spamd and collects the

If this is true, I don't see how different configs are being used.

On top of that, I have another identical server, running the same
config, just with a very old MS version.

The above system does see all SA test & scores, I've tried everything
but rape and still could not find why this system behaves differently.



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