Subject: Re: smf-sav & CentOS5

Mike Tremaine mgt at
Sat Jan 16 15:13:02 GMT 2010

> Anyway - my actual question - * has anyone gotten smf-sav or another 
> alternative solution running on a CentOS5 system?  If so, I'd love to 
> hear from you.  You never know, I might even pay you for it  :) 
> Cheers all.
> Marc

For clients who have exchange behind the MailScanner+Sendmail box I use 
a custom ldap lookup script that builds [rebuilds] the access map the 
script is based on an older script floating around [ by 
Chris Covington for Postfix] it requires Net::LDAP and has various 
filters for multiple domains mailboxes to ignore warnings if the change 
bigger then X lines and minimum return results to avoid bad things. Runs 
fine on Centos 4 and 5, and for 90 quid :) just kidding I could be 
convinced to post it up if there is need. I'm sure that this has been 
been brought up before perhaps a few years ago.


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