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Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Fri Jan 15 18:54:07 GMT 2010

Marc Lucke wrote:
> £90?  Ah - for a business this isn't a big deal I suppose.  If it
> were US$50 it'd be a no-brainer.  I agree with devs needing to get
> paid.  I sometimes wonder if competition to drive pricing down is
> good or not too.  But I'm a sysadmin, not an economist.  All I can
> say is that it is too rich for me and in my case instead of getting
> half of something, the devs will get all of nothing.  If I'm one man
> that doesn't mater, does it?      

You don't say how many users you have, but I presume it's not that many since you're not a business.  On the wiki is a script to query Exchange for known users and feed this to a file your MTA can validate recipients against.  I think it's geared towoards Postfix, but it wouldn't be hard to modify it to create an acceptable sendmail (or other MTA) compatible format.

Depending on your needs, you could script this to run nightly, hourly, weekly, whatever.  If you rarely add or delete users you could just make it part of your user maintanence routine.  Lots of options.

SMF does have a mail list.  If you're having trouble configuring it I'd try there.  I've been running smf-sav and smf-spf for several years, albeit on SUSE.  Both work a treat.

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