smf-sav & CentOS5

Alex Broens ms-list at
Fri Jan 15 11:59:54 GMT 2010

On 1/15/2010 12:47 PM, Marc Lucke wrote:
> Hi list,
> re: recipient address verification where MailScanner is sitting in FRONT 
> of another mailserver (such as exchange)
> milter-ahead is like 90 quid - probably because they know they can get 
> away with it.  I'd rather not use anything than pay them that.

you are VERY mistaken - but its your choice.

A dev has to have to make a living - its not a community project nor 
open source - Snertsoft produces hi quality milters and the support/dev 
track is very good.

> smf-sav is brilliant - if it works.  It won't on 2 of my CentOS5 boxes.
so you got what you paid for :-)

I'd bet you've spent £90 on more stupid things in your life :-)


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