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Jonas A. Larsen jonas at
Fri Jan 15 08:45:50 GMT 2010

> > But since there are released BETAs all the time ... which is great,
> > keep doing it.
> >
> > What are the stable release build from ?
> >
> > mvh
> > Mikael Syska
> The stable will usually be the latest beta unchanged except the tag stable
> added to it. If it was changed, it would still be a beta. Many of us use betas...
> You usually need what it fixes rightaway and can't wait, or you have a test
> server and can help Jules work out the bugs.

Hear hear. I've often end up using a beta version in production.

I know of very very other products which runs as stable as MailScanner. And when there is the occasional rare bug, its often corrected extremely fast after being reported (if considered urgent obviously, not just random stuff people complain about)

So kudos to Julian to running an admirable release system with superior release speed.

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