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Tue Jan 12 11:58:28 GMT 2010

2010/1/11 Dave Filchak <submit at>:
> Just about there and thank you to Jules and all others who reponded with
> help. It is appreciated.
> Just one last little bit here: freshclam is in /usr/bin and the path in the
> freshclam script in cron.daily is correct. /usr/bin is in my $PATH but when
> I run freshclam from the command line with out a full path to the current
> install directory, it says freshclam cannot be found. It is looking in the
> old location. Is there a cache or something? Could be a bit brain dead on
> this one but can someone enlighten me on this?
> Thanks
> Dave
Prabably a bash-ism... try
help hash
hash -r
and you should be fine... Or log off/back in:-)

-- Glenn
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