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Sure, no problem. I have the newest 4.79.5-1 mailscanner installed (fixed a few filetypes), Ubuntu 9.10, Perl 5.10 and when someone sends xlsx and docx files, the email doesn't send and gets repeatedly attempted to send and after 6 tries it kills the emails and logs it as a Emal attempted to kill MailScanner. I have the office 2007 documents in the filetype and filename rules marked as ok (I know that probably doesn't matter for this, but wanted to give more than enough info.) I have watched my log files as one comes in and it keeps trying and it just can't do anything with it and the bad part is I can't see what exactly is causing the error.

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On 11/01/10 22:01, Garrod M. Alwood wrote:
> Hey, I was wondering if anyone else is having trouble with office 2007
> files attempting to kill MailScanner? I'm not sure if this part of the
> taint issue or not, but can somebody please advise?

Can you explain what you see happening? And I am sure there is something
of an OS installed and some version details would go nicely with that as

Hugo. (Or as James T. Kirk said it: I never trusted consultants, I guess
I never will. ;-) )

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