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Rob Poe Rob.Poe at
Fri Jan 8 22:25:13 GMT 2010

I've been working on an issue we've seen for a while.

The problem started after a yum update (where the kernel updated).  Box is a Centos 5.x.  The problem was on a Dell server, and I've not come to here until today, because there were other processes in play (pptp server, squid).  Today I separated MailScanner onto a VMWare ESXi server, brand new install of MailScanner / Centos 5.4 / clam-sa install.

The issue is when you try to connect, sometimes it will refuse the connection.  Doesn't matter what port.  Sometimes you'll be working on it, and you'll get a "connection aborted" and be disconnected from the box.

We have an identical install - same media, same ESXi server.  Only differing thing is that server has PPTP (poptop) on it, not sendmail/mailscanner.  It's not showing this symptom.  So it's either related to MailScanner or sendmail.  Or spamassassin / clam.

Any ideas / anyone else having or had this issue?


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