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Mon Jan 4 16:30:17 GMT 2010

Ok guys I really need help with this one. I have 7 boxes running the old 4.78 with out an issue and clamd the newest clamd on ubuntu 9.04 and now also 1 box running 7.49 on ubuntu 9.10 with newest clamd. I have made all sorts of changes to clamd permissions. As of right now I have clamd using the Unix socket (same as the other 7 boxes, but the rest of the prefences are not) running as primary group under root, also with /var/spool/Mailscanner/incoming permissions set in the Mailscanner.conf as user=postfix group=clamav and permissions=0777 now i know i shouldn't have permissions set to 0777 for security issues, but every time I run Mailscanner --lint on the ubuntu 9.10 box i get clamd permission denied error when it scans the file. I am hoping someone has an idea as to what is causing this. I have also restarted both services.

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