John Wilcock john at tradoc.fr
Thu Feb 25 07:53:25 GMT 2010

Le 25/02/2010 08:18, Paul Malherbe a écrit :
> I was wondering if you had completed your gebtoo ebuild and if so how I
> can get a copy :-)

I really ought to get round to submitting something back to the official 
tree, but in the meantime I've put a copy at 
http://www.tradoc.fr/gentoo/MailScanner-ebuild.tgz (along with the 
inelegant but functional conf.d and init.d files taken from the very old 
ebuild in the gentoo tree). Treat it as a work in progress, in that only 
the options I actually use are properly tested :-) All comments welcome...

FWIW there's also a spamassassin 3.3 ebuild available from 


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