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On 17 February 2010 20:11, Kai Schaetzl <maillists at> wrote:
> <dcurtis at> wrote on Wed, 17 Feb 2010 10:23:43 -0500:
>> According to their sales rep
> I'm not going by their sales rep, but by their website, look at the
> requirements. So, how do you want to run it on Linux/Unix? ;-)
> Interestingly, I also never heard of it before.
> Kai
The SDK claims "any windoze or linux gateway"... But a quick glance
around reveals no downloadable stuff ("Request info"? Not likely...;).
I'm sure you've heard of some other Sunbelt products, like Kerio
Personal Firewall (a.k.a. Tiny Personal Firewall), that used to be
quite the rage ... pre-Vista timeframe:-). It's been ...
outdated/outperformed by other products (Kerio, that is) for quite
some time.

I wouldn't go for this one.

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