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Ying yingyang at exemail.com.au
Mon Feb 15 02:30:49 GMT 2010

Noel, Hello,

THANK YOU! All is fix and working good.
I look new mailscanner.conf default has this now, but when start here, old package never did,
must have change in last years.
Thank you much.

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  A followup to this mornings mail, just got home and had a good look at it.
  This issue can be resolved by changing locale state dir from /var/lib
  to /var/lib/spamassasasin   it seems it no longer likes the search path 
  being just /var/lib anymore.

  I know /var/lib worked as recently as a little over a month ago by looking
  at logs,  and by looking at the timestamps it all stopped here the day I upgraded
  all perl modules and SA (so it seems it has not been working properly here for
  month either, yikes!),  but everything is working fine for an hour now , every mailscanner
  score matches that given by amavisd-new, so i can thankfully get rid of that :)

  Now be it SA or one of the perl modules that saw the ending of its liking
  /var/lib I have no idea as I did them here all same time, so it is likely 
  that anyone else using the old /var/lib  only in that setting will have
  issues upon upgrading something or other down the track.

  FYI, this also resolved my  "no report template found " problem I told you
  occurred with these upgrades.  I'd send this to the list but as you know I'm
  marked no posting so maybe you'd like to edit me out of this and resend it on 
  as a reminder to any members still using the old  /var/lib to play it safe and 
  add spamassassin  to the end of it :)


  On Sat, 2010-02-13 at 10:29 +1000, Ying wrote: 
    Rick, Hello, 
    Yes I think much lost in translation, mailscanner work like this for three years fine. 
    We upgrade spamassassin to 3.3.0, this also also mean we upgrade all perl modules needed by mailscanner, we check to make sure we have all required modules, all look good, then start mailscanner back on and this problem appear now. 
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        Kind Regards,
        SSA Noel Butler
        L.C.P No. 251002 

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